Jkuat Poetry is a poetry club in Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology that was conceived in 2011 and conceptualised in 2012 by a group of students in the univesity.
Meetings are held during the active weeks of the semester on Thursday evenings at a class-room SCC 006 and runs for about two hours from 7;30pm.
All Creatives - poets, writers, musicians-- are welcome for round circle performances and discussions on material shared. The club is a platform for growth for young creatives within and without the university.
The Twitter handle is @JkuatPoetry 

This blog was started as an initiative to document some of the poems and literature that is shared at the weekly meeting. Of course, we are almost 4 years late in this en devour as so much cool stuff has passed through our platform, but that does not mean we cannot start. so, here are the submission guidelines for the  Jkuat Poetry veterans and current members:

1. Maximum number of poems submitted should be 5 and they should be in one word document. 
2. The font used should be Times New Roman, size 12. 
3. A single poem should not exceed 2 pages. Each should be on its own page and the heading should be in bold and italicized. 
4. Kindly provide your social media links if you have any if you would like to have your content linked to your profiles.
 5. You will be informed about the receipt of the poems. We are, however, at liberty to decide what we will or will not post and when we will post.
 6. There is no payment for material submitted as we are a non-profit institutional club.
7. All submissions are to be made to Okelo @TheOkelo. Further inquiries can be made to @JkuatPoetry or @SimplyMoraa

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