Tap tap, tap tap tap, tap.

Tap tap.

Boy meets girl.

Tap tap tap.

Tap tap tap.

Boy falls for girl
girl falls for boy.
Conversation starts off awkward and coy,
ends with smileys with asterisks and toes in a curl.

Cracks and crevices.

I get lost in the depth of your dimples
Your smile shows your crooked teeth
Their jagged edges remind me of my stitched up heart.

Blood stained eyes never looked clearer.
The galaxy that is your iris
Swallows me whole

I mapped constellations by the pimples on your face
Orion looked out of place

The nicotine on your lips
Set mine ablaze

My gasoline soaked fingers
Ignite at your mere touch

First date

A loud long fart broke the silence...
Louder than the passing ambulance sirens.
I laughed,
she lunged,
muffling an "I'm sorry"
but that couldn't stop the stench
that was in the air, drenched.
We didn't finish our coffee,
we COULDN'T finish our coffee.
So we decided to walk
and talk
and joke
and just maybe,
put that behind us, as we walked...

Legs : 3 Poems by 3 Poets

Never ending
Like the Burj Khalifa
But you don't look up
You look on
        And on
        And on
Wondering of where they end.

Slender, then less
              Then less
              Then less
Then even less than that.
The girth
Is not to be confused with fat

                          ~ ecks

Always hidden in trousers
Wait I've spotted some in shorts
Gastrocnemius not massive as I alway thought
                                        ~ Bess Khaoya

A pair of legs approached a pair of legs. The first pair was skinny, wearing blue jeans and unlaced rubber shoes. The second pair: covered in black leggings under a knee-high skirt, capped off by brown leather boots.
The first pair: restless, and the second pair, composed.

As legs and legs engaged in conversation, i sat still and pondered on the beginning of a love story. Leg love.
                                                       ~Jude Mutuma